About the founders


We are Rodney and Lee Ann Smith.  Rodney, a Korean War veteran, is a retired National Bank Examiner and Lee Ann is a retired elementary school teacher.  A good part of our life over the past 22 years has been devoted to evangelistic mission work throughout the world as well as being involved with the orphanage since its beginning in 2002.  We met on a mission trip to the Ukraine in 1993 and were married a year later.  On a later trip to Zambia, Africa we met pastor Nhamo Chigohi (now deceased) who invited us to come to his village in Neshuro, Zimbabwe to help him conduct a mini evangelistic crusade.  About a year later Lee Ann answered a strong calling from the Lord and traveled there where they conducted nightly services around bond fires because there were no buildings or electricity available.  In addition to leading many to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ they planted six new churches.

Lee Ann was touched with compassion and emotion by the sight of several orphans sleeping on the floor of pastor Chigohi’s very small modest two room home where she stayed as a house guest.  It was at that time that we felt God’s calling to also serve Him by caring for His hungry and hurting precious children and thus, Zim Orphans was born.

We feel profoundly blessed to be partnering with other members of our staff and working with the dedicated individuals that run the orphanage.  This ministry exists solely because of the love and compassion of those that God has chosen to pray and/or give to support it.  To Him go the praise and glory!

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